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Evaluating Intellectual Capital in the Care of the Elderly

The significance of intellectual capital and qualitative performance ability in the care of the elderly have been the research objects of the Jalmari Jylli foundation’s project.  Between the years 2008 – 2012 there has been developed a self-evaluation tool for elderly care management. The evaluation system is based on the frame of reference of holistic management system. Underlying influence has came from the ISO 9000 quality system, the EFQM frame of reference and Balanced Scorecard thinking.  

The developed evaluation method can be implemented electronically taking into account the special features of the field of elderly care operations. It is also a practice supportive to continuing development.  The results of an elderly care organization can be viewed separately in the fields of strategic and operative management and the main service processes.  In these the evaluation takes systematic note of the perspectives of intellectual capital and qualitative performance ability.  The findings can also be compared with the averages of other actors. In 2010 and 2011 the appropriateness and usefulness of the evaluation was tested in 50 elderly care organizations in Finland.  

On the basis of the evaluation experiments the method can be considered as a useable tool for management’s self-evaluation of an elderly care organization, and it is also a tool for strategy work and management.  Due to its frame of reference based on international models, the self-evaluation model can serve as part of an organization´s already existing quality and activity system as it supports planning, development and reporting to interest groups.  The results of the evaluation produce concrete strengths and areas for development by which the management of intellectual capital and qualitative performance ability can better be taken account of in elderly care.

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